Countdown to Deathly Hallows Part One, Part One

I would like to know the logistics of the Peverell invisibility cloak.

If you casually sling it over your arm to carry it around, is a portion of your arm missing? If you’re wearing the cloak and grab something through the cloak, can that something disappear? When you’re completely covered and you look down, do you appear any different to yourself? When you’re completely covered and look straight forward, do you see anything that suggests there’s a cloak on your head?

Can it cover things? Or just people? What if you’re holding something? If it does cover things, would it make a coat rack invisible when you hung it up? When does it stop looking like a cloak and start looking like nothing (or, I suppose, not looking like anything)? What happens if you’re half-covered? You wouldn’t possibly see innards at the invisible-visible cutoff, would you? That’s both gross and a highly efficient alternative to x-rays.

If you hold it up like a sheet, do you disappear from one angle but not the other? How covered do you have to be to be invisible? How freaking big is it? Do they ever trip on that massive thing when they use it by themselves?

Lastly, and this is purely because it would be convenient, is it water resistant?

Ten days, three hours to go!


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