BBEDA, April 3

That’s right, I’m going to attempt (Belated) Blog Every Day April. I’ll just blog until May 2, no problem. I remembered BEDA was starting on Friday, but I’ve been so terrible with legitimate productiveness lately that I felt I didn’t deserve to take a few minutes to write something. I had this idea that I was going to post at least once a month on here, but that clearly has not panned out. I’m not sure if I haven’t encountered situations that inspire to write lately or if I just haven’t been in a state of mind where seeking inspiration to write seems like a logical use of mental effort, but here I am. Updating on nothing.

Brief life updates: School is going well, though I fear I’m becoming a bit of a shut-in. Probably more on that at another time. I attempted to add a pre-law minor to my degree, but that didn’t pan out. I took my first practice LSAT (didn’t do well), attended two classes at Berkeley Law (loved it), watched The Paper Chase (surprisingly enjoyable), and had a professor ask why I wasn’t considering Stanford or Harvard for law school (Why? Because I’m not that good). I started to help two girls in my sorority plan our big dance-and-skit performance for Parent’s Weekend next semester, but I’m probably going to pull out of it. I started filling out the paperwork for my internship this summer, though the fact that I will soon be living in San Francisco still feels unreal. In other news about unreal feelings, the prospect of living in London next year, though still largely unfathomable, is starting to sink in. And it is terrifying. So much for that “I am unafraid because I am sure” bullshit I wrote last year.

Anyway, I have studying to do. I assume that a notable portion of my BEDA posts will consist of me complaining about my life and contemplating my own feelings. It’s not what I hoped this blog would be, but maybe it’ll be a healthy release of sorts.


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Ravenclaw, INTJ, and a bit whiney.
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