BEDA: April 18

Pet peeve Monday.

I figured that I complain so much on here that I might as well assign a day for it. A day for complaining, a day for worrying, a day for self-examination, a day for planning. And some other days.

Pet Peeve Monday #1: singing/humming/whistling.

When you’re by yourself, make all the noise you’d like. Whistle, attempt to hit the high notes, I don’t care. But when you’re around people, that is not okay. Having never been a habitual whistler/hummer/singer myself, I have no idea whether they want people to hear, generally think it’s okay to make other people listen to them, or if they honestly don’t realize the songs have escaped their minds and are being broadcast to everyone in their immediate area.

People never whistle recognizable tunes. They just seem to be experimenting with the sounds they can make.

Same with humming. A boy used to hum during psychology exams in high school and someone would hit him to make him stop. It’s like these kids need a soundtrack for everyday life. I can understand some humming when they have headphones on simply because they’re legitimately following along with a song, but creating your own background music while you read should not be acceptable.

Singing is a different story. I’m okay with singing if the singer is good but that so rarely happens that I would rather put a blanket ban on casual singing than risk it for a few gems.  A girl I am around far too often this semester is no gem. She doesn’t even properly sing- she just mumbles a painfully high-pitched falsetto of the same few lines of the song repeatedly. In this manner, it really does seem that the song stuck in her head has escaped her lips because, like songs in one’s head, the lyrics are rarely memorized and only a portion replays. That’s annoying enough when it’s in my head, so I do not want to have to hear someone else sing “Fuck You” by Cee Lo Whatever in a pitch higher than Cee Lo himself. She even sings Michael Buble in her bizarre falsetto. Serious questions: does she think it’s okay? Does she think she sounds good? Does she want me to hear?

I may talk aloud to myself regularly, but I stop around other people because I know they don’t want to hear it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything that someone around you may dislike, but at least allow them to escape it somehow and no, they should not have to plug their ears to escape.

In conclusion, don’t hum or whistle or sing idly unless you want me not to mention it to you, grind my teeth in frustration, and write about you on the blog no one reads. You’ve been warned.


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Ravenclaw, INTJ, and a bit whiney.
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One Response to BEDA: April 18

  1. Singing is funny because the people who you hear singing all the time are the ones who can’t sing a.k.a the shower singers. I wish that they’d just keep their singing to the shower.


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