BEDA: April 29

Remember a few blogs back when I was talking about how some guy complimented me and I freaked out? Then I said I was probably reading into it too much?

I wasn’t! He’s attracted to me! He wants to date me!

Oh god.

He. Wants. To. Date. Me.

Oh god.

Cliffnotes version: He asked me on a date on the last day of class. I accidentally said yes (sometimes I say things I don’t mean simply because I like the way they sound). Then I spent the following minute telling him I was “busy” for the next four days, told him to text me, and skedaddled. Then my brain exploded.

My sister and aunt were with me, so when I told them I was pretty sure I just turned someone down – though I’m still not sure – their first question was why.

The situation itself was rather shocking for me because I am so accustomed to settling comfortably in the “friend zone” that I don’t spend time considering alternative zones in which I may settle. That was why I short circuited. But I’m honestly a bit proud of the main reason I didn’t want to date him.

Let’s pause and take a moment to imagine this male before we continue.

His body is incredible. There are statues missing their genitalia  that have worse bodies than him. Neck down, he’s a modern Adonis and it never stops being incredible.  Oh wow, a woman objectifying a man? That’s so progressive of you, Katherine.

Here’s where I get proud of myself. I was able to find a man completely unattractive on the inside, even though the outside was reasonably desirable. I wouldn’t date him because he didn’t challenge me intellectually. I theoretically want a guy who pushes me to think harder and learn more every day. I want to feel privileged that he lets me hang around and try to keep up with him. I want to take pride in finally delivering the perfect comeback so much more than I want to be told I’m beautiful by seventy-some inches of well tanned muscle.

I find intelligence, wit, and ambition attractive. You, sir, even with your body of a Greek god, just don’t have the resume. Maybe you should go for someone with more superficial standards next time.


About Katherine

Ravenclaw, INTJ, and a bit whiney.
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