My life in a sedan/suitcase: 1

I was going to simply title it “my life in a suitcase” because that sounds fabulous, but it wouldn’t be accurate. So, for once, I’m going to forgo linguistic aesthetics (made that term up, hell yeah) in favor of the truth.

Essentially, I am moving to San Francisco for an internship in less than six weeks and I want to be able to move everything I need in my Yaris. Later, this will turn to simply “life in a suitcase” as I plan what to bring with me to London when I spend my final semester of university abroad. The first step, the part where I get rid of things that don’t fit in my tiny car, will be accomplished by throwing things away, donating them to the local Salvation Army or an equivalent, or leaving them at my parents’ house.

Things of which I own a notable volume: bedding, clothing, shoes, craft supplies, hygiene related products, books, dvd’s, things from my youth.

Things I refuse to throw away or donate, and will either go with me to SF or stay in my parents’ house until the fall semester begins: books, dvd’s, craft supplies. My goal is to cut as much as possible from the clothing, hygiene product, and things-from-youth category, though things from my youth will really just be cut down to make space for relevant things in my old bedroom–they never have and never will follow me to San Francisco, school, or London.

This update was generally pretty useless, but I hope to find some inspiration as I come across old things and decide their fate.


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Ravenclaw, INTJ, and a bit whiney.
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