Three words to limit me

I’m filling out a profile for an upcoming event and, as I probably could have predicted, I’ve been asked to give three words that describe me.

Judging by the complete history of written things by Katherine, one can gather that I’m generally not fond of being limited to just three words. I have to somehow find three adjectives that describe all of me. Me! In all of my moods and opinions and idiosyncrasies and those days when I spend hours dreaming about my future and those days when I spend three hours on a single homework assignment just because I think it’s fun and those days when I just want to go to a new city and be a stranger to everyone. I can hardly fit all of me into my entire life, much less three words.

What I hate the most isn’t just the question. It’s the knowledge of what the question really means. They’re asking to be able to judge me in under three words. I know that, whatever words I end up choosing, their definitions are going to be only part of what is used to judge me. Choose simple words and you’re boring. Choose complex words and you’re pretentious. Choose a common word and you lack creativity. Try to assert your uniqueness too overtly and you’re probably insecure.

The same thing goes with specific words. If you need to tell someone you’re witty or funny, you aren’t witty or funny enough. If you feel the need to assert that you’re mature, you’re probably just conceited.

I seriously considered rebelling against the whole thing and making my three words “single white female,” but I bet most people would just think I’m an idiot.


About Katherine

Ravenclaw, INTJ, and a bit whiney.
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