BEDA: August 13 – study abroad application essay, draft 1

As a business student focusing on accounting and law, London is an ideal city in which to study. The culture created by having international business leaders, major centers of English law, and the site of so many historically significant events in one area all come together to create a learning experience that cannot be duplicated. The impressive variety of business and law-related modules offered at University of Westminster would let me tailor my formal education to suit my interests and plans, while London itself will undoubtedly give me unique and worthwhile informal education. After gaining experience in public accounting, I plan to return to law school and pursue a career in corporate law. Being able to reflect on my experiences studying law and immersing myself in the political culture of England would set me favorably apart from the other high-caliber applicants against which I will be competing for a place at a top US law school. In all of my future career endeavors, my study abroad experiences will make me a strong, well-rounded employee who is prepared to work in a global economy.

Throughout my teenage years, whenever I found myself on the verge of giving up, my mantra was “Finish strong, relax later.” I believed I continued to be an exceptional student and employee because there would be a day when the work would be done and I could simply revel in past achievements. It was only recently that I realized that that day would never arrive. It didn’t arrive when I graduated from high school, it didn’t arrive when I received an offer for post-university employment, nor will it ever arrive, regardless of how much I achieve. I love the feeling of a hard-earned victory, but I find more satisfaction in earning it than in looking back on my own successes.

I feel the need to clarify that the reasons for studying abroad I initially noted are merely the most compelling reasons why I want to have studied abroad. The truest and most honest reason I want to study at University of Westminster is because I want to spend five months actively learning from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. I cannot wait to have that feeling of simultaneous fear and excitement I associate with new adventures. Should I be accepted to your Study Abroad Programme, I will not spend my time looking forward to finishing strong and relaxing on the plane ride back to California. I want to learn things I never could if I had stayed in California. I want to get lost on the tube, to feel intimidated by my coursework, to find out exactly how much of a language barrier can exist between two English-speaking individuals, and to be proud of myself as I constantly work to overcome these obstacles and others. I want every moment of my time in London to be an educational one and I believe University of Westminster will help me make this a reality.


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