BEDA: August 18

I got into Pottermore today! And the biggest relief of all? I am 100%, definitely and officially a Ravenclaw. I don’t know what I would have done with my shirts and scarf otherwise.

But in other, much more minor news, a little thing happened on my Tumblr. I was tagged in a picture my friend took at the Borders in Tennessee(where she recently moved) and, it being funny and things, I decided to put it on my Tumblr. And it got ELEVEN FREAKING THOUSAND NOTES. And that was weird. My follower count quadrupled in a few days and everything else was pretty normal. Then I woke up to see my [friend’s] picture in a blog from The Daily, with the source going to a website that was in no way me. Or my friend.

And I was legitimately bothered. The rational part of me says that it was hardly even mine to begin with and that this is the way the internet goes, but I still didn’t like seeing the thing I presented to the world, being further presented to the world by another individual. This sort of got me thinking about intellectual property law–how, on the consumer side of things, people seem to feel that good creative ideas should be shared for all, but I really doubt I’m the only one who hate it when someone else takes credit for something I did, whether it’s a picture on tumblr or a joke made to a friend.

I guess that’s more what we’re fighting for when we make copyrights and trademarks and stamp our names on things. It’s not that we don’t want to share them, it’s just that we want credit. I have no idea where this thought leads me, but I was considering going into IP law later in life, so I should do some more thinking.

Just a note: BEDAugust edition has been much shittier than BEDApril. Sorry.


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