BE*DA: August 20

*not actually every day.

Anyway, I baked today! And by “today” I mean just now. I saw my parents had a whole tub of Nutella in the pantry and they weren’t doing anything with it. So I decided to attempt to bake with it. I found a delicious looking recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip bars(original recipe from, but I modified it with Nutella instead of peanut butter and added white chocolate chips.

I must say, those foodie blogs that take pictures through the whole baking process are real troopers–that shit is hard. I did take pictures, but they’re still cooling down so I’ll update this tomorrow with how they turned out. I know all the pictures are taken on that lame “miniature” setting, but that was the only setting that focused well and didn’t make my late night, fluorescent-lit kitchen look like an operating room.


Step two: Nutella, butter and sugar

Step three: that part where you realize your bowl is a bit too small

Step four: problem solved

Step five: resist licking bowl

I didn’t photograph it baking because that seemed dangerous. It wasn’t setting quite like I hoped it would, so there’s a standing chance I’m letting a baking dish full of slightly congealed batter cool on my kitchen counter, but honestly, that wouldn’t be the biggest tragedy (everyone grab a spoon!).

Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Yeah, they’re awesome.


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