B”E”DA: August 29

My review/commentary on “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the newest episode of Doctor Who, presented in bullet point form because I’m too lazy to form a proper piece of writing on it.

  • The first time I watched it, I loved it. Well, I mostly loved the first half. I think I’ve watched enough television(specifically, DW and Moffat stuff) for the “I’m your daughter” line from Mels to be completely unsurprising. The moment she pulled up in the cornfield was my big surprise moment and the following few minutes were just waiting for the characters to catch up.
  • Speaking of the following few minutes, baby Rory and the teenage Ponds were fantastic. “He’s, you know…” “A friend.” “Gay.” FANTASTIC.
  • I was not happy with the bait-and-switch that happened with the title. They absolutely named the episode just to get attention, but I genuinely wanted to see the idea of punishing historically evil people get fleshed out. We got a decent opportunity to explore some cool philosophical questions/debates with the Gangers, so I wish we could have had that again.
  • Okay, I’m entertained by River. I don’t like her. I don’t understand how anyone could have put up with teenage Melody and I just get uncomfortable seeing this ultra horny version of Alex Kingston, but some of the interaction was highly entertaining. I know it was intentional and things, but the back-and-forth leading to that teeny tiny poison lipstick kiss was one of the first times I felt like there was some chemistry between River and the Doctor. What I don’t like is the way the tables are turning and the Doctor is turning into the cocky “I know something you don’t know” half of the pairing because that has been my least favorite thing about River. I got sick of her teasing the Doctor about his future and I’m worried he’ll start doing that to her. Fortunately for the Doctor, River’s such an arrogant little shit that any teasing he does just bounces right off her.
  • By the way, what happened to her being so distraught when she first met the Doctor and he knew everything about her like she told Rory in the first episode of season six? She doesn’t seem very distraught. Just turned on.
  • I miss the days when River was able to just pop in and help out without making things all about her. I wanted more Hitler. Hell, I even wanted more Melody.
  • CAN PEOPLE STOP ALMOST DYING ALREADY GOD. I can’t take dead seriously anymore. I was shouting “No!” at my television screen through the Doctor dying scene in The Impossible Astronaut, but now people start to die and I’m just like “oh, how are they going to get out of this one.” And that has kind of even ruined the Doctor’s death at Lake Silencio because I’m not even sort of worried about how it’ll turn out. I’m curious how they’ll manage it, but I’m not scared for his life.
  • This episode did have fantastic moments, but I’m just over River. We get it, Moffat, you luuuurve River Song. Can we have some episodes that don’t just feel like filler between River Song plots? Okay, I’m being unfair. I quite liked the last three episodes of S06, part 1 and those were adequately Riverless. But I don’t like it when it feels like the episodes are one way or the other. Either we spend 46 minutes learning about River or we spend 46 minutes screwing around until River comes back.
  • The clothing thing is insane and I want to see how that plays out. I realised that the jacket must be something(or else a stupid wardrobe decision on the crew’s part) and I definitely assumed that the tuxedo had something to do with the Ponds’ wedding, but Tumblr helped explain it in much better detail and I’m interested to see how that’s going to fit. I feel like it’s got to be another of those things like how we saw the Big Bang-age Doctor back in the forest before we even knew what the Pandorica was.
  • Ending on a good note. The best note. The best note of all time. Rory. He’s turning into one of my favorite people, fictional or not. And he did get so many great moments in this episode. He didn’t just not die! He fucking punched Hitler! And that fakeout thing with “Heil!” had me legitimately applauding my computer screen. AND he mocked Amy’s Scottishness, which I didn’t catch the first time through but was so fantastic. He’s such a strong and reliable person and I’m so glad he’s a companion. Really, I’ve loved him the whole time. From the way he caught on to the coma patients’ figures walking around town back with the Atraxi(sp?) and especially in Vampires in Venice when he told the Doctor about how he makes people a danger to themselves. Anyone who can stand up and lay some harsh truths on the Doctor like that is incredible in my books.
  • One more bullet for Rory. Oh my goodness has he gotten attractive. Badass and attractive and motorbike-riding and just UNF.
I like how that went from actual comments about the episode to just gushing about Rory. Like, I really like that. I think I should end all of my posts gushing about Rory. Anyway, yes yes yes. Looking forward to next week. Those dolls’ faces are frightening as hell.

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