Looking back

I was browsing the archives of this thing looking for the recipe to something I’m pretty sure I baked last summer and I came across this entry and got completely distracted.

Nearly four years ago, I was still telling myself to let go of aspirations to be the best, but deep down, I seem to have known my potential.  I find strength in the knowledge that my enthusiasm for learning and my drive for success haven’t been put on me by overbearing parents or dreams of fame and fortune. I strive only to be exceptional and I make it happen.

Dear Katherine from Last Summer: Thank you for believing in me so much more than I’ve believed in myself for the last six months. My days are still filled with a mix of “striving for continuous improvement” and “trying my best to avoid and ignore responsibility,” probably in proportions of which you wouldn’t approve (Neither do I, but my Avoiding and Ignoring Responsibility side tells me it’s okay). I know there isn’t really an “it” to “make” in my lifestyle, but let’s pretend there is.

We made it, Younger Me. Not only did we make it out of our undergrad with a 4.0, but we did some incredible shit along the way. Your overuse of the term “exceptional” was a bit unnecessary, you cocky little asshole, but you know what? We had goals and we accomplished them and that’s pretty great.


Good job, me. Now just keep going.


About Katherine

Ravenclaw, INTJ, and a bit whiney.
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